2017 New Holland T9.600 HD AG / Tractor 4WD

2017 New Holland T9.600 HD AG / TR4WD

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  • Engine Horsepower : 535.00
  • Luxury Performance Cab~Includes all features listed in standard features plus the following:Cab suspension, 3 front and 1 rear wiper, Decel pedal, Leather Positive Response heated and ventilated seat with slide out lower cushion with height and length adjustment with leather instructional seat. Performance radio with AM/FM/WB, CD player,Bluetooth and XM Satellite Radio (Subscription required),USB input Jack, Aux input
  • Front center hood 60 watt halogen lights are replaced with 2 HID flood lights.4 Adjustable rear fender-mounted halogen lights are replaced with 43000 lumen LED flood lights.4 Adjustable rear cab-mounted halogen lights are replaced with 4 1400 lumen LED flood lights
  • Two rear side cab roof-mounted 3000 lumen LED lights mounted on each side of the cab. Two of the lights may be moved to lower front of cab roof if desired.
  • Factory installed Auto Guidance with Nav II Controller and 372 receiver. WAAS
  • Cold weather starting aid pkg~(120V) engine block and transmission oil heater
  • Ag HIGH CAPACITY DRAWBAR (non-swinging) I without 3-PT2" drawbar pin diameter with 11,000 lb. vertical tongueweight capacity.
  • 6 REMOTES W/PADDLES~6 paddles including 2 paddle pod in place of joystick1-6 w/paddles or #1 and 2 on multi-function handle(MK Note: List Indicators 1 through 7, when available)
  • High Capacity Hydraulic Pump 57 gpm (216 lpm) flow - 2100 RPM
  • Mega Flow II Additional 56gpm. Factory set with left side remotes supplied by main hydraulic pump and right side remotes supplied by Mega Flow. Parallel flow kit included in the cab allows both pumps to supply all remotes
  • Power beyond supply and return (motor return) hydrauliccouplers and hose tips: Consists of 4 couplers and hosetips: 1. Hydraulic supply, 2. Hydraulic return, 3. Load signalsensing and 4. hydraulic motor case drain.
  • 1000 RPM Independent PTO~1.75 in (44.5mm) shaft1000 PTO rpm at 1800 engine RPM
  • 800/70R38 173A8 R-1W FI Dual Tires
  • BALLAST Pkg 8175 lbs.~Drawbar only. No TPH. Front Bumper, 2x500 lb front wheel weights,2x500 rear wheel weights, rear weight frame and 28 suitcaseweights. 8175 lbs total.
  • Standard Less Front Ballast~Accomodates storage boxes
  • No front wheel weights
  • Standard Less Rear Ballast
  • Std no rear weight bracket
  • True ground speed sensor~Provides radar measurement of ground speed to aid in accurate application in speed sensitive operations.(Required to monitor fuel usage, area covered, fuel usage peracre, area covered per hour, distance covered, distance coveredper minute, slip control and slip limit control)
  • Standard less backup alarm
  • Tow cable for HD tractor~extends to front of tractorFor use with HD Wheeled and track versions
  • RH Armrest w/Large Display
  • Sell-In Campaign
  • Price Adjustment
  • Reduction in Sell-In Campaign due to Price Adjustment

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