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Our Lawn & Garden department offers a variety of products to keep your yard looking its best no matter what Mother Nature brings.  From riding and push mowers to trimmers, tillers and snow blowers there is no yard too big for E. Bourassa & Sons Lawn & Garden Department.  Come see us today for quality products from New HollandToro, and Husqvarna.

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  • Blake Brownridge
    “They do really good work on servicing our equipment and keep us going, and we’re able to get good access to parts because they carry lots of parts in all their different locations...”
    Blake Brownridge
  • Jeff Wheeler
    "They just get you going no matter what.  if they don’t have the part they’ll get the part right away.  They’ll find a way to get you going, somehow.  And we’ve never been down and out where we couldn’t get going.”
    Jeff Wheeler
  • Dallas Moneo, Assiniboia Sask
    "Their customers are definitely number one to them and they treat them like that.  Right from the parts counter’s salesmen right into the shop and all the mechanics."
    Dallas Moneo, Assiniboia Sask
  • Hazy Hallow Farms,  Ceylon Sask
    In harvest last year we had a main hub failure on one of the combines, parts were not in Sask so they pulled the part of a combine in Weyburn for us.  Proactive parts promotion by Scott in Radville, he has phoned me directly with offers for discounts on maintenance parts for our drill.
    Hazy Hallow Farms, Ceylon Sask
  • Blake Brownridge
    “One of the things that I have really liked about Bourassa's is the last year with that wet harvest, and long harvests certain times we’ve had access to a rental combine or another machine.  they’ve always been able to help us out.”
    Blake Brownridge
  • Hazy Hallow Farms, Ceylon Sask
    Timeliness….  Bourassa’s service response time to our issues has been amazing.  We have a full fleet of blue and yellow machines and the service crew has touched every one of them.  We do a pretty good job on the preventive maintenance stuff ourselves but when we have issues that are beyond our technical or mechanical training they have been great in getting the tech support we need to get back up running.
    Hazy Hallow Farms, Ceylon Sask
  • Trevor Burkes, Parry Sask
    My family have recently moved into the Parry area and have been dealing with E. Bourassa & sons from the start! They have always been very easy and fair to deal with. Service is beyond top notch and would recommend them to everyone.
    Trevor Burkes, Parry Sask
  • Hazy  Hallow Farms, Ceylon Sask
    Parts support is another key element of support.  During our busy seasons a quick call or text supported by pictures to the parts department are responded to very quickly.  After hours support is always there if we are trying to beat weather or extend our work days.  On a few occasions when parts have been 2-7 days away, they have pulled the required parts off equipment in the sales yard to keep us rolling.
    Hazy Hallow Farms, Ceylon Sask
  • JJ Fisher, Driftwood Irrigation and Landscapes
    The quality of service Adam and Trevor provided me was professional and notable. Although I purchased a low-cost item I was treated with respect and was shown appreciation. Thanks again for helping my business thrive.
    JJ Fisher, Driftwood Irrigation and Landscapes
  • John Metz, Wilcox Sask
    We are newer customers to Bourassa's and found the sales staff to be knowledgeable and helpful; both at the sale and after. The Service has been great, whether it's a simple diagnosis over the phone or in the field when you really need them. And the Parts counter has always been reliable for us
    John Metz, Wilcox Sask